Terranobako Salau: terra-25+

1-MOBY DICK – Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso –

2-Camel – The Snow Goose (excerpts),1977

3-Hank Marvin and Ben Marvin Shadoogie Live New Vercion 🎸🎸

4-One Day – Gary Moore

5-Sons Of Apollo – The Pink Panther Theme (Live With The Plovdiv)

6-Mad Rovers – Watching You (Videoclip – Morgana Fest 2018)

7-Vanden Plas – \”Three Ghosts\”

8-DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT – March Of The Poozers (Live at Royal Albert Hall)

9-Fire From The Gods – Right Now

10-\’To Live Again (Redux)\’ | VIPER

11-Signum Regis – The Future King [official video]

12-UNLEASH THE ARCHERS – Heartless World

13-RAGE \”Let Them Rest In Peace

14-Ravenous – Arch Enemy

15-Parkway Drive – The Void – Bloodstock 2019


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1215. katea - Herri Musika 2.0

ig. Aza 3 , 2019