bertsinoik – lowell fulson

268.KRITIKAL BLUES    2022-05-12
Gaur Depp Puplen Turning to crime disku, Lowell Fulsom difuntun tartin eta faceko lagunan pare bat kantaz eindou gure bi orduk.

bertsinoin tarti – deep purple – turning to crime
1. Rockin’ Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu
2. Oh Well
3. Jenny Take A Ride!
4. Watching The River Flow
5. Let The Good Times Roll
6. Dixie Chicken
7. Shapes Of Things
8. Lucifer
9. White Room
10. Caught In The Act
difuntun tarti – lowell fulson
11. That’s Alright
12. Do Me Right
13. Reconsider Baby
14. Rollin’ Blues
15. Rock’em Dead
16. Do Me Right
17. Trouble with the Blues
18. Why Don’t You Write Me
19. You Better Rock This Morning
faceko lagunan tarti
20. Old Boys – Rockin’ All Over the World
21. John Campbell – Person To Person

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Beranduegi 2x16: Gure gainetik izarrak bakarrik!

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