Terranobako Salau: terra-k c

1-Ry Cooder – The Prodigal Son (Live in studio)

2-King Crimson – Indiscipline – Live in Mexico City

3-Camel – end of the line Live at the Royal Albert Hall Sneak Preview

4-Saga – Wind him up – Rock am Ring – 1985

5-The White Buffalo & The Forest Rangers – Come Join The Murder

6-The Allman Brothers Band – Seven Turns

7-Molly Hatchet Flirting With Disaster (Live DVD)

8-The Rolling Stones – Out of Control – Live 1997

9-Terrorvision \”Alice What\’s The Matter\” Official Live Video

10-Rival Sons – Do Your Worst (Official Video)

11-Steel Panther – Fat Girl

12-KISSIN\’ DYNAMITE – Let There Be Night (POWERWOLF Cover)

13-Vince Neil – Sister of Pain

14-TNT – \”As Far As The Eye Can See\” (Official Live Video)

15-Britny Fox – Long Way To Love

16-Triumph – Follow Your Heart

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lr. Mar 2 , 2019