Kritikal Blues: Erja Lyytinen – Arthur Gunter

Published On otsaila 23, 2018 | By Kritikal Blues Radixu Irratia | Kritikal Blues

KRITIKAL BLUES  2018-02-22

Gaur Erja Lyytinen eta Arthur Gunter entzun douz.

Monografiku – Erja Lyytinen
1. Person to Person
2. Change of seasson
3. It hurts me too
4. Hold on together
5. Hand in hand
6. Grip of the blues
7. Everything\’s fine
8. The sky is crying
9. Stolen hearts
10. It\’s a blessing
difuntun tarti – Arthur Gunter
11. Honey Babe
12. Blues After Hours
13. Baby Let\’s Play House
14. Baby You Better Listen
15. Little Blues Jeans Woman
16. Crazy Me
17. Ludella
faceko launak
18. The French Blues Explotion – It\’s my own fault Solignac

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